What are advantages and disadvantages of transfer learning?

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Xin Hui Lam asked 10 months ago

Hi. Do you mind to share ur opinions on the advantages and disadvantages between building up a classification model from stratch and with help of transfer learning?

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Chris Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi there!
Without using Transfer Learning, you’ll have to use significantly larger datasets to get results that are equal in performance. Doing so can thus significantly speed up your training process.
On the other hand, you have to ensure that the problem of the initial model is relatively similar to the problem of the target model (yours). If not, it might not work.

Xin Hui Lam answered 10 months ago

I see. So if use transfer learning technique to build the model, will be more convenient and effective?

Chris Staff replied 10 months ago

Depends on the problem on which the transfer learning model was trained, and the problem you’re trying to solve with your own dataset
If they are similar, this can indeed work

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