Ensemble deep learning

Olaniyi Ebenezer asked 3 weeks ago

Good day sir
Please, I want to ensemble four densenet to have an improve result. I have trained the four densenet but I have problem with the ensemble

Chris Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Hi Olaniyi,
Thank you for the question!
Can you please elaborate on the problem you are facing?

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Olaniyi ebenezer answered 3 weeks ago

I trained four different types of densenet. I have obtained model performance for each densenet. But, my main aim is to ensemble these models to form a model and train to obtain an improve performance.

Chris Staff replied 3 weeks ago

And is this the question: how can I create an ensemble model?
If so, with TensorFlow or PyTorch?

Olaniyi ebenezer answered 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your prompt response.
Yes, with TensorFlow.
NB: Ensemble deep learning model.
Thanks in anticipation.

Chris Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Does this tutorial provide what you need?



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