AI in healthcare

patrick manning asked 2 weeks ago

I know that this site is mostly for developers, but maybe someone reading this would be interested in what we are doing. I am working on a healthcare problem which is likely giving rise to unnecessary medical costs of the order of $100 billion annually, and causing serious medical problems, up and including death, for millions of people. We have unstructured data from about 50,000 patients and I would like to explore the possibility of using AI to help extract and summarize the most relevant information from this data. The data includes information about the source of exposure which leads to the medical problems, steps taken for remediation using a protocol which has proven very effective in reversing the medical condition and both quantitate and qualitative assessments of the improvement achieved. What we have is effectively a 50,000 person medical trial and because of the scale of the costs involved, it would seem like an ideal high-profile opportunity to demonstrate the value which the use of AI can contribute to healthcare.

I would like to have a brief conversation to explore the possibility of how it might be possible to work together on this problem and take advantage of the significant opportunity which it presents. Appreciate your time and consideration in this matter,

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