List of PyTorch tutorials for Deep Learning

PyTorch Basics

Neural Network Components

Loss functions

Normalization & regularization

Convolutional Neural Networks

  • How to create a Convolutional Neural Network classifier with PyTorch?
  • How to use 2D Conv layers with PyTorch?
  • Implementing depthwise separable convolutions with PyTorch
  • Handling 3D data with PyTorch
  • Performing transposed convolutions with PyTorch
  • Upsampling your ConvNet data with PyTorch
  • Cropping inputs to ConvNets with Pytorch
  • How to use padding with PyTorch?
  • Using Constant Padding, Reflection Padding and Replication Padding with PyTorch
  • Max Pooling, Average Pooling, Global Max Pooling, Global Average Pooling – PyTorch examples
  • How to build a ConvNet for CIFAR-10 and CIFAR-100 classification with PyTorch?

Data preprocessing

Model evaluation

Advanced topics


  • Working with Imbalanced Datasets with PyTorch
  • Exploring the PyTorch datasets

Neural Networks

  • Creating a Multilabel Neural Network Classifier with PyTorch

Model visualization

  • Coming soon.