About Machine Curve

Welcome to Machine Curve, my blog about machine learning.

My name is Chris. I’m a machine learning engineer and currently involved in setting up a company that builds products powered by artificial intelligence – specifically machine learning. That is, we train ML models and build web apps and mobile apps on top of them so ML supports organizational workflows rather than being delivered standalone.

In my work, I very often experience the delicate balance in communication between business people and engineers. What I mean is that engineers think completely differently than business people. They often speak in terms of technology and primarily its limitations, whereas business people often discuss applications and – that’s the unfortunate thing with hypes – think in utopian ways, often beyond what technology is capable of. It’s always a very interesting challenge to translate between both worlds.

On this blog, I will be discussing multiple things related to my work – that is, machine learning:

  • Technology aspects: I try to review new developments in the machine learning community in order to gain understanding myself and to provide you with easy explanations.
  • Applied AI: I try to review new applications of AI techniques in business areas and discuss.
  • Philosophy aspects: often, I have questions like do machines think? I’ll try to summarize my thoughts about topics like those here, to spark a nice discussion. They will be distributed primarily over the technology aspects categories, but may end up in applied AI too.